Play Laser Tag


Are you looking for a new heart pumping activity like paintball but without the mess, the sting and the gear??

  Have you been wanting to get your younger kids playing with your older kids??  Have you been wanting to get your wife out to play paintball but she doesn’t want to
get messy or the sting of the paintball??
Well we have the perfect sport!!  Laser Tag.  All the action of paintball but with out the mess, mask, heavy gear, and best of all no pain.  That’s right no pain!!
There is nothing to hit you but a light beam that hits a sensor that lets you know that you have been hit or you hit someone.

With laser tag we can track your every SHOT, HIT, KILL, even how many times you come back to LIFE.  While your playing it even tells you
who you shot and who shot you during the game.  So, if you regen during a game you can then go after that person.

Sense there is no flying object coming out of the laser tag gun we are able to let kids 8 years old and up play.
A waiver will still have to be signed by a parent or guardian to play when under 18.

When booking groups we book by time slots.  We book by 90 minute slots.  Your group will be playing most of that time.  We will only give breaks in between games then get you back on the field playing.  Please show up 15-20 minutes before your time slot so we can get everyone signed in and through the training before your time slot so you don’t lose any of your playing time.

Please wear proper foot wear.  Tennis shoes, running shoes, boots are best.  Flip flops and sandals are not allowed.

6 Person Group–$150–90 Min

12 Person Group–$240–90 Min


Call the store to book.  919.501.7770

 Click the pic below to download waiver.


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