Newbie Weekend

For the new paintball players out there who have never tried paintball we have a special weekend for you. On the first FULL weekend of every month we have what we call “newbie weekend”.  This is for those people who want a taste of the game. 

     With only $10 dollars in hand you will get all day marker (gun), all day mask, all day play and the first tank of air. You will then be given the safety course of what to do and what not to do along with the rules of the game. After the briefing you will need to buy paint, then you’re ready to play.

     Once on the field our trained refs will guide you to the starting area and give a couple of last minute pointers. Once the whistle blows the game is on. From the side lines of the speedball field we can help you play the game and root for your team.

   Come and try a fun filled day of excitement and thrills.   So, don’t miss out on the nations fastest growing sport.

Come out to the field prepared!!  Proper clothing needs to be worn when playing.  You will be running, kneeling, sliding, and maybe even diving for cover.  So, it is advisable to wear long pants, close toed shoes(no flip flops or sandals), long sleeve shirt and a hat.  We will play in light rain or on/off rain so you may get wet and muddy.

Parties and groups still book using passes.