Low Impact .50 Paintball is HERE

Low impact paintball is for the super new player wanting to give paintball a try for the first time.  We allow players as young as 8 years old to play in .50 cal paintball.

Do you have younger kids that are itching to play paintball but complain that it hurts to much??  Or do you have a wife that wants to play but doesn’t like big bruises??  We have the answer!!  .50 caliber paintball is here!!  Nearly 25% smaller than current paintballs and shot at a lower velocity means less pain and no bruises.

 With the .50 caliber paintball being smaller means the marker is smaller and lighter than the normal .68 caliber paintball marker so it easier for smaller kids to handle.  So, give us a call and book your next party for your 8 year old and maybe mom will join in the fun too!!


Group Passes

One way to make paintball less of a burden on your wallet is to book in groups.  The more people you bring the cheaper the price gets plus the more stories you and your friends can share after a day of paintball.

Below are current group rates for Birthdays, Church, Corporate, Bachelor, Bachelorette, Team Building, Fraternity, Sorority, Anniversary, Car Club, Motorcycle Club, Football, Baseball, Basketball Team….


All Day Play

All Day Marker

All Day Mask

All Day Air

+ 400 paintballs per person

5 Player Pass….$155 works out to 31 per person

10 Player Pass….$260 works out to 26 per person

15 Player Pass….$340 works out to 22 per person

20 Player Pass….$440 works out to 22 per person

The 5 Player Pass is good for 1 person for 5 days or 5 people on 1 day.  The other passes work the same only more passes.

 Call the store when you are ready to book.  919.501.7770

Steps for easy booking:

Find out how many players you are bringing.

Make sure all players are 8 years old or older for .50 paintball.

If you have say 8 players then you would book the 10 Player Pass and get 2 passes back that you can use at a later date.  By doing it this way you get the better price plus you will have a hold on 10 rentals if you should need them.

Book all that you need at once.  You can call and book at any time given that we still have room on the date you wish to book.  If you book a 5 Player Pass and then call back a week later and add 5 more your NOT going to get the 10 Player price.

We don’t book by time only by day meaning you can play all day you just have to keep buying paint when you run out.

We can book larger groups just call the store for pricing.

We are a family friendly facility.  We do not allow drugs or alcohol at our field.  Please do not show up drunk or under the influence.


We do not book groups at the field and all groups have to be booked a day ahead through the store.

All players must fill out waiver to play.  Though we would like everyone to play we can only allow players 8 years of age and up to play.  For the players between the ages of 8 and 17 they will need to have their parents signature on the waiver form at the field.  They can have their parents fill out the form and they can then bring it to the field.


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Do you like to play paintball a lot??  Are you wanting to play more and spend less??  

Gotcha is always looking for new smiling faces to join the staff.  Just call the store and setup a time to come in and get all the details.